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Using automation tools, algorithm-driven insights, and services to improve your cash flow and lower your trade credit risk. That’s smart credit management, that’s Hoopiz.
credit management
credit management
credit management
credit management
Those in charge of accounts receivable management face numerous challenges:

✔️ Debt Collection
✔️ Decrease disputes
✔️ Determine your customer credit limits
✔️ Evaluate Customer Risk
✔️ Finance your receivables
✔️ Implement New Financial Services
✔️ Improve Cash Flow
✔️ Improve customer relationships
✔️ Improve Productivity
✔️ Manage reminders and collections
✔️ Managing the Credit to Sales Relationship
✔️ Optimize your credit insurance utilization
✔️ Promote a cash culture
✔️ Reduce Bad Debts
✔️ Reduce Overdue Receivables
✔️ Solvability of Potential Customers

These vast and varied challenges should be treated in a comprehensive and adaptable manner. This is why we have united 4 essential functions to help you manage your credit – a unique approach that only Hoopiz is able to offer.


Analysis & Decision Guidance



Risk Management & Payment Reminders



Community Insights



One Stop Financial Services

plateforme de credit management hoopiz

Analysis & Decision Guidance

Our platform is connected to your accounting or sales technology systems in order to create a centralized, up-to-date repository. Then, thanks to our credit management analysis engine, smart alerts and recommended actions, Hoopiz simplifies the decision-making process and enables you to manage your client credit situation.

Easy-to-read dashboards, targeted alerts, and intelligent data-driven recommendations!

Our mission is to make your credit management as efficient and well-informed as possible, reducing your risk and collection delays all while keeping your team connected and on-task.

We offer an optional Credit Management Advisor to provide you with an outside expert perspective.

Focus on your primary objectives while a Credit Manager advises you on the best decisions to make regarding your credit management.


Risk Management & Payment Reminders

Customizable, automatable dunning strategies, invoice-specific status tracking, and many other available functions enable an adaptable and collaborative management of credit limits and both post and pre-due date reminders.

Customize your credit tracking alerts and configure your reminder schedules based on the solvability and payment habits of your customers.


  • Evaluate risk and adapt credit-limits on a client-by-client basis.
  • Manage your credit insurance in real-time.


  • Manage or automate reminders – reducing late payments
  • Accelerate and simplify dispute management.

HoopiOne Dunning : Expert algorithm-driven dunning recommendations.

plateforme credit management hoopiz
plateforme de credit management hoopiz

Community Insights

Client risk can be anticipated and management insights revealed with our community platform. For each of your clients you will be able to see if they are shared by other clients in the Hoopiz community – all while remaining anonymous. This allows you to compare your payment conditions and credit limits with those in the community as well as to be alerted when a client’s payment behavior has changed.

Integrate the financial services you already use, or implement new services – both directly from the platform.

Our platform acts as a hub where all of your accounts receivable information and your credit management services are united to: Prevent – Insure – Collect – and Finance your accounts receivable.

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Tailor-made solution and rapid return on investment

The 4 essential elements are available “à la carte”. Your Hoopiz platform will be form-fitted to your needs.
Depending on your client portfolio and your challenges, an ROI is obtained between 1 and 5 months, on average.



Bad debts


Let’s calculate your ROI with Hoopiz

Contact a Hoopiz advisor for a personalized consultation on how the platform could help you manage your trade credit more effectively and efficiently.